Monday, May 18, 2015

The Special Moments of the Week

There are always special moments in life that make it enjoyable and this weeks special moments for me included.

Those peach raspberry pancakes  had at breakfast, they tasted wonderful. And it was a great flavor combination. The only problem with pancakes is I get really hungry again a couple hours after I eat them.

Going in to work on Saturday afternoon and one of my co-workers had helped set up some of the time consuming work. It made the afternoon go so much more smoothly. I'm not sure which one of my co-workers did it, but I sure did appreciate it.
I had a day off this week. It was the first day off I had in two weeks. You know it's nice to get the extra money from overtime, but it's even better to have time to relax. And it was wonderful not to have an alarm clock go off to wake me up.
The expression on my cats face when I offered him those freeze dried shrimp as a treat. I guess that wasn't his idea of a treat because he just walked away. I don't understand how he can hear a box of crackers open up from any room in the house and beg for one, but he shows no interest in those shrimp.
What have the special moments in your week been?
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1 comment:

  1. My special moment when my cat Frankie helped me make his catnip toy. It was a lot of fun!