Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Have a Name

Yes, I have wormed my way to the human's life. And I have a name. Yes, I have been working on getting this human's attention for months. My name is Raye.

I knew when I first saw this human that she would eventually soften up toward me. I knew that if I looked at her with the pathetic look she would feed me. When she is out working in the yard. I make sure that I am spending quality time with her. I run out from the bushes when she arrives home to greet her, and of course wait for my bowl of food to be filled. I rub against her legs when she is outside working in the yard. And of course I make sure she knows just how beautiful I am. I mean who could resist the pose above? It says I am adorable. I know that I will soon move into the big house. It is just a matter of time. In the mean time I am enjoying my time running free through the grass. I am free to chase birds. I know that I will miss these things when I move into the big house, but hey there is a price to pay for everything isn't there?
Another fine feline guest post


  1. My cat Frankie was born outside. For his first 6 months or so he would avoid windows and wouldn't look out of them. He's gotten better, but has no desire to go outside.

  2. Guess my cat is a bit ahead of yours. She moved into the big house about 4 years ago, skinny, pathetic and obviously deserted. Now she is fat and happy. She hasn't been out of the big house in years and doesn't mind watching the birds through the windows. In fact I doubt i would be able to force her to go outside again.