Sunday, June 14, 2015

Those Blue Lines

Think about what life might be like for a person who must use a wheelchair.  What are some of the challenges that person must deal with? We all know there are plenty. But I don't think that we all realize how dependent many individuals are on others doing what they need to do in life. This is where those blue lines come in.

You see I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago. She told me about her friend who is in a wheelchair. She explained how angry he gets when people park in the space left for handicap accessible vans. You see those blue lines are there for a reason. Those blue lines are there so that individuals with lifts on their vans can lower their lift, and then maneuver their wheelchair to the ground.
I thought about reasons why a person would park in between those blue lines. I thought do people know the purpose of those blue lines? I'd be willing to be bet there are many who don't. I believe that most people aren't insensitive they are simply ignorant. And ignorant doesn't mean stupid.
The second reason someone would park in between those lines is a lack of connection. It's hard for us to understand how difficult life can be for individuals who are a little dependent on others in order to maintain their independence.  For most of us getting out of a vehicle is a simple task. We simply open the car door, unbuckle the seat belt and then we stand up. But there are those individuals who require a little more time and space. There are those individuals who need a little more space in order to exit their vehicle.
How does it feel when you go to park your car and there is enough room to park the car, but not enough room to open the door and get out? I wonder if that is how these individuals feel. But you see we can drive to another parking spot. The problem for these individuals is there isn't another place for them to go and park. So the next time you see those blue lines just keep in mind they aren't a parking place. They are a way for some individuals to exit their vehicles.
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  1. Oh yeah I am so with you here, it angers me when I see people parking in disable parking spots who do not have a parking permit to do so, also I get that some vans need more space to allow wheelchairs to get in and out of the van but so many people act like having to wait while a person in a wheelchair enters or exists a van is too much trouble and I have seen them blowing their horn or yelling abuse it really pisses me off

  2. Great post for raising awareness and empathy for people who need wheelchairs. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup last week, Pinned to our linkup board and hope you join us again this week!