Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Depeche Mode Always Brings Me Bad Luck

I like the band Depeche Mode. But Depeche Mode always brings me bad luck. I'm not kidding it really does. It all started many years ago. You see I listened to Depeche Mode's tapes. Yes they were tapes at that point in time. For those of you who don't know what a cassette tape looks like. This is a picture of one.

You see the music made me want to dance. The lyrics were a little dark so I liked that. Then my friend and I found out Depeche Mode was playing outside of Chicago. We had to go! We got our tickets. And the day came. It was a road trip to the show! We listened to Depeche Mode on the way. We arrived early. So we stopped at a store. It was getting closer to the time when the doors would open so we got back in the car to go, but the car wouldn't go. This couldn't be happening, but oh yes it was. I found someone to look at the car, and the verdict was that there was something wrong with the alternator. They recommended that we return home immediately. But we would not be deterred. We had to see Depeche Mode. We got to the show it was great. After the show, the car didn't start again. The hunt began for some guys to give us a push so I could pop the clutch. They were found and we were able to get back home safely. I took the car to the shop the next day, and yes I needed some work done on the car. I was a few hundred dollars poorer.
Then a couple of years later. The Violator album was released. Yes, I needed the tape. I got the tape. I listened to the tape. I loved the tape. Once again I spent time in my car listening to the tape. I listened to the tape on the way to the library one evening. I was in college and I needed to do some research for a paper. I got to the library and put my coat down. I was young and I was careless. I walked off, and when I came back my coat was gone. My car keys were gone too! I didn't have a way home. I got a ride home and began mourning the loss of my coat. Young and dumb as I was little did I realize that I should really be mourning the loss of my vehicle. I got a ride to go pick up my car the next morning. We drove past where I parked my car, and it wasn't there. I told my ride. And she exclaimed No! We'll drive around the block and it will be there. So we did and it still wasn't there. Depeche Mode had struck again! My car was stolen.
A couple of years later, I saw a used Depeche Mode tape. I wanted it! I bought it! Low and behold some weird things started occurring. The boyfriend I had at the time fell in love with the tape. He was a real loser. Actually, he was the definition of a loser. I had to explain to him what the songs meant. Well, as time went by with this Depeche Mode tape, my car engine blew up. And well I got myself into a financial mess which took me a while to dig my way out of.
In reality, I know that Depeche Mode didn't really bring me bad luck. I know that much of what happened was based on decisions I made at the time. But I still haven't purchased another Depeche Mode tape, Cd, or even downloaded a song of theirs since then. So maybe part of me really does believe that it brought me bad luck.
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  1. Oh no - I guess Depeche Mode is a bad luck band for you. They will always remind me of High School.
    PS - Please check your email about the Great Blog Train code/post which is now live (thanks)

  2. Yeah, I remember that concert, and that great Escort EXP!!!! LOL! This is why I've never gotten you any DM replacement tapes because I know the bad luck you've had with this group, even though you love them!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I love Depeche Mode but I totally get not listening to them in your car.
    I was listening to My Maria by Brooks and Dunn when I crashed my truck. I was part of one of those highway scams where someone slams their brakes on a freeway on purpose and I slam into them which then becomes my fault. Now every time that song plays in the car, I change the station.