Monday, July 13, 2015

If I Had Money To Burn

Have you had times when you just imagine what you would do if you had money to burn? How would you spend it? All of us would share with family and friends, but then there are some of those crazy things that you would buy. This week if I had money to burn these are the things I would just go crazy buying.

I would buy a lifetime supply of the printer of printer ink. I don't know about you guys, but I am always running out of ink at the most inconvenient times. I would also pay a little extra if it could be beamed to my house within 10 minutes of me realizing I'm out of it. I'm not sure if the second half of that is available at this point in time. But if that service is available, and I had money to burn I would buy it.

A set of adorable Star Wars nail decals. Everybody needs a little kawaii in their life don't they? And kawaii and Star Wars is a great combination.
Since I am a cat lover, I would absolutely adore this dress. It's so cute! And hey there is plenty of money right?
Sweet Cute Cartoon Denim Dress

Cute Cartoon Dress by SanRense

A VIP Weekend Pass to Wizard World along with someone to carry all of the goodies I pick up. You know it's like the ultimate geek dream.
A months supply of Minion Tic Tac's. They are adorable! And well Tic Tac's are just a good thing to keep on hand aren't they? You never know when you'll need a breath mint.
So if you had money to burn how what foolish things other than friends and family would you spend it on?

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  1. Yeah why does printer ink need to cost a lot of money