Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When the Money Tree Blooms

Okay, when the money tree blooms in my back yard. If you don't have one you really should plant one in your garden. But when it blooms I'll have money to burn. And well here are a few of the ways I'd burn some of that mad money I'll have.

First a monthly subscription to Kawaii Box. I mean who doesn't want a box of cuteness each month? It's like a box of fun in your mailbox each month.
Next I would get Antoinette's Rose Garden Sea Salt Soak. If you have money to spare a little luxury at bath time is needed. And I love the scent of roses.

And the geek girl in me really wants a tee shirt. I mean who doesn't need another Star Wars shirt right?
And last but not least, a ticket to Minnesota.
Now there are those of you who are thinking why Minnesota? To view the scenery? To go fishing? To go skiing? To visit the Mall of America? To visit my brother? No, none of these. Well I'd probably go visit my brother. I mean I'd be there so why not? But the reason is
The Spam Museum.
I mean why do something ordinary with all of that money? Why not do something just a little different than your average person would do.
How would you blow the money from the money tree in your backyard?
Reasons to visit the Spam Museum




  1. Funny idea about the Spam museum!! The bath salts sound like a great idea.

  2. My money tree died it was over picked and died but oh how I would like to be able to plant a new one