Friday, August 28, 2015

Epic Snack Bar Review

What are the prerequisites for a great snack? For me they are four fold. One it needs to be easy to snack on. Second it to tastes good. Third it needs to easy to find. And last it needs to be somewhat healthy. I was fortunate enough to find many of these qualities in Epic Snack bars and I decided to share what I think of the bars with my readers.

So here's why I was interested in these snack bars. I wanted a snack to take to work that I could carry in my pocket. I tried pop-tarts, granola bars, and beef jerky. What I found was the first two were too sweet for a snack. And the jerky was too salty. So I was going through Fresh Thyme and I saw these snack bars. I took a look at the ingredients. It contained organic ingredients and the bar wasn't loaded with sugar. So this bar met one of the criteria for a great snack. It was healthy. Next thing about it was it was small and I could carry it to work. So I decided to try it out. I bought a bison, a lamb, a beef, and a turkey bar.

So the real test would come the next morning. I had worked a couple of hours, and I was hungry. I pulled the Turkey Epic Bar that I bought out of my pocket and I opened the package. I took a bite. I expected the snack bar to be chewy like beef jerky. But I was pleasantly surprised when the bar was much softer. It was moist and not all dried out. And I liked that it had a slight sweet taste from the berries that were in the bar. I also found that because it is mainly protein I was a little more full than when I ate other snack bars. This was a bonus.

So far this Epic Snack Bar was a win. Then I went to my local grocery store looking for the snack bars. I couldn't find them. Then I tried another grocery store that was close to my house, and once again there were no Epic bars in stock. I have only found Epic Snack Bars at two stores in my city. So in order to purchase them I need to drive across town.

The Epic Snack met three of the four criteria that I have a great snack. I would recommend trying these snack bars to all of my readers. They taste great, and hopefully you will have an easier time finding them than I did.

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