Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mind Over Bullies Book Review

I was really glad when I received a copy of the book Mind Over Bullies to review. So what's this book about?

The Story

Margo has everything going for her. She is popular at school, she has a successful blog and she able to do anything she wants. But things change when her friend gets angry at her, and she soon finds out what it is like to become the victim of bullying. And she finds that it is a lot harder to go through than she imagined. She finds herself making new friends and as a group a mob forms to deal with bullying.

What I liked

Overall, I really liked this book. The story deals with an everyday issue. Bullying is something many individuals face while they are in school so I think that it is an extremely appropriate topic. I liked that the book pointed out that each individual has their own issues in life to deal with. I also like that the book points out just how much more difficult it is for teenagers in this day and age. It's not so easy to go home and pursue other interests when you can be reached on a cell phone or social media 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The book is also written well and it was easy to read. And the main characters were likeable.

What didn't I like

There was only one thing I didn't like about this book. The kids in this book all seemed to be a little to extraordinary. They either had mega amounts of money, or they were mega intelligent. It's a little thing, but I felt like most victims of bullying really are just your average kid.

So would I recommend this book to others? Yes, I would. I would especially recommend it to young adults who are dealing with bullying or who are fans of superheroes. The story has a fun mix of adventure and an important topic so I think a lot of individuals will enjoy it.

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