Sunday, September 20, 2015

Captain's Belly

I am a content cat. I am so content that I enjoy laying on my back and exposing my soft underbelly. This does not mean that I want my belly rubbed. So when my pet human exclaims, "you look so cute, look at Captain's belly." When I hear this, I immediately have to perk up. You know no more shut eyes. Because I know what's coming. It's the hand. All of you felines know what I am talking about. Your pet human believes that you are a canine and that you have rolled onto your back to have your belly rubbed. Well, I am a feline, not a canine. I do not want my belly rubbed. I simply want to relax.
I know that there are many of you cats who would please your human and simply roll to your side, but I refuse to do this. I remain on my back. As the hand comes toward me, I calmly reach out and swat at the hand. If the human persists then I must become a little more aggressive. I move my head forward, and give a little nip to hand. And if this does not it is time to get serious. Grasp the humans hand in between your paws. And then you must bite. The human will not like this and the belly rub will stop immediately.
How do all of you deal with the behavioral issues that arise with your pet humans?
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  1. Oh I didn't know that kitties didn't like to have their tummy rubbed