Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gifts Ideas for The Person With Everything

That season that shall remain nameless will soon be upon us, and well we all need to start getting gift ideas for the person with everything. And oh, yeah, the person  Really, what do you get these people? We all have them in our lives, but what do you get them. One solution could be artwork. Yeah, I know there are those of you who are saying oh no. But you know there are some really cool sites that offer unique pieces.

When I saw this picture I thought this is a little different than your average painting. I mean it encourages you to be unique and the fish in the middle is foil. I like it!

Then there was this one with C'est La Vie in foil. We all love the phrase, and we all know a person or two that has this as a life motto. And once again I like that gold foil was used for the lettering.

I realize that not everyone is looking for shiny in the gifts they give so I really like this picture. It's black and white, and I've always thought that black and white photos just have an interesting quality about them.
And well this one just made me laugh. Mom's advice always rules doesn't it?
So where did the inspiration for this post come from? A site called Minted. I admit I never heard of them before they contacted me. They asked if I would do a review, and I checked out the site. I thought to myself this is really unique artwork. So I agreed to let people know about their work. I like how the site offers designers and artists challenges. They give them a concept to see what they can come up with. And yes, the visitors to the site choose the winners of the challenges. If a designer wins they get to sell their products. So it's a democratic way of letting allowing people choose designs for homes. I think that is pretty cool. And the artists get a percentage of the sales. That's cool for them.

The company doesn't just sell artwork. It has stationary and items for the home, so the designs that are available are pretty diverse. I also like that the company is trying to reduce it's environmental footstep. It deals in paper, but it donates to Plant-It 2020. Yes, they are giving back to the world.

Now there was only one thing that I disliked about this site. In order to vote you have to open an account. So it would be another site sending me emails. But honestly that is the only thing I didn't like.

So here's the disclosure thing. I was contacted by the site to do a review and they have promised a gift certificate to the site in exchange. But trust me I told you what I think of the site not what they wanted me to say. So if you are one of those people have started Christmas shopping early or you are just looking for a present for yourself check this site out they definitely have some great gift ideas.

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  1. I like those gift ideas, I like anything with shiny or glitter on it. Thanks for sharing the information.
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