Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hello Agnieszka Review

Last week I had the opportunity to review Hello, My Love, by E Journey. I was also provided with a copy of the Hello Agnieszka, the second book in the Between Two Worlds Series.

The Story

The story tells another part of the Halverson's history. Agnieszka's son, Peter, has attempted suicide. His siblings are baffled,  they cannot understand why he would do this. And Agnieszka's is forced to tell her story. She tells how growing up she grew up in an extremely strict household. Her parents were immigrants from Poland, and she was an only child. But she has an outlet. Her aunt provides her piano lessons, and she has talent. She spends hours each day practicing the piano at her aunt's home as a child. As a teenager she meets Lenny at her aunt's home, and a romance begins. But she feels that she needs to hide her new boyfriend from her strict parents. Like many teenagers she is faced with deciding what she wants for her future. Her family lacks funds to send her to college, and she realizes that her dream of becoming a concert pianist may not be realized. What will happen now?

What I Liked

So what did I like about this story? I liked how this story focused on Elise's mother in this book. It tells the story that many of us forget exists. The story of one of our parents before they begin their life we know they have. It also reminded just how difficult those decisions we make as teenagers are. You know the ones that involve the question what do you want to do with the rest of your life. How at a time in your life when you have so little life experience you are making decisions that will and can change your life. I also liked that this book has a happy ending of a sort. It's kind of bittersweet. It reminds me that even though we don't get exactly what we wanted in life. We can still have a great life. I liked how this story was a little more realistic than the first book in the series. I can actually see a version of this happening.

What I Didn't Like

The one thing I didn't like about this book was one of the characters. Agnieszka's aunt who provides her with so much support as a youngster turns out to be the person who causes her so much pain as a teenager. I guess the purpose of her character is to remind us that the people we love and look up to can often be the people who hurt us the most. And in the middle of the book the story seemed a little predictable. But the ending makes up for that drag in the middle of the book.

Who Will Like This Book

Well fans of romance novels will definitely like this book. I also think that individuals who have lived in the world of having immigrant parents might enjoy this book. It shows how difficult life can be for those children. They are stuck in between the expectations of an old world and a new world. The world that their parents new and those expectations, and the current world that they live in here.
Just a reminder that I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review, but the opinions of this book are all mine.


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