Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Prepare For Old Age Without Taking the Fun Out of Life

When I was contacted to be a participant in book tour for How To Prepare For Old Age Without Taking the Fun Out of Life, my response was sign me up.
I wasn't sure what to expect from the book. I knew the book was about aging, but that was all. The author Bernard S. Otis shares his 86 years of wisdom throughout the book. This book is all about planning. The author reminds individuals of all ages to begin planning for their old age early in life. He uses real life stories and humor to show exactly how important this is. And he isn't just talking about monetary planning. He discusses how important it is for individuals to begin discussing their wishes about healthcare years before they need it. He encourages individuals to really think about what is really important to them. And sometimes it takes a little planning to get what you want. While some of the topics in this book are topics most of us don't want to address. They are all topics most of us need to address in life.

And so I would recommend people of all ages to read the book. It provides helpful information about finding caretakers for loved ones. And it reminds us that you may not have 80 years before you need some of the advice in this book. You never know when you will face a serious illness or an accident will occur.

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