Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Fall Shows I Want To Check Out

The fall television season for 2015 is really here, and there are three new shows that I want to check out to see if they are worth adding to my weekly program viewing.

Heroes Reborn

I liked the original series. Well, I really liked the first season. So I'm looking forward to seeing how the new program will work. And will they be able to make it as interesting as the first season of the original show was.

Scream Queens

Unsolved murders, a sorority, a little bit of horror and some comedy. Sounds like a great show to me. Scream Queens sounds like a great show to me.

The Muppets

Who can't resist the Muppets? I've always loved them, and so I have to watch the new show. They never see to let me down. So I think this show is a sure thing.


A Jane Doe covered in tattoos that is able to help solve crimes. Oh, she doesn't have a memory. Sounds like a weird tale to me. Count me in on at least trying out the show.

So what shows have piqued your interested this fall?

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  1. We're so excited about the new Heroes!! I haven't checked out the other ones, I'll have to look at them too!

  2. I'm loving the new Heros and the Blindspot. I'm also getting caught up on The Blacklist so I can start watching the new season. It's nice to have some new stuff to watch.