Friday, September 25, 2015

You Passed!

There are three of us in the room. We all have to take the test. You know the test that I've been talking about recently. The test that allows us to get a different position at the company. The one we all have to pass or we run the risk of loosing our jobs. Yep, there's a little bit of pressure on all of us.

And for once in the history of the company I work at the HR person has done their job well. The HR person has informed all of us repeatedly that we are required to pass the test. We have all heard it for two weeks.

The two weeks prior to the test were very hectic for all of us. First, there were glitches with the computer. And none of us could take the first section of the training which is required before you can take the test. HR wants to know do we want to delay the training? Um, no, none of us want to delay the training. We've waited a month to get the training started. Who knows how much longer we all may have to wait.

Three days pass and we are finally able to begin cramming through the material. Five days of training is completed in two. We all breath a huge sigh of relief. What happens next? We get to work the next morning and we are notified there was another section that we are required to complete. A mistake was made with the input. What? How much do these people get paid? Big sighs are released. And we begin watching another video on the computer.

It's Monday of the next week. We have finally made it to the classroom training. There are a couple of people with training material set up for them, but they aren't there. A fourth of our class is missing. The first part of the training, we began taking turns reading out loud the material we covered in the videos. What is this? They are trying to bore us to death before we can even take that test.

The next day we begin covering new material. And we have to cover it fast. Our heads are spinning. And third day is much the same.

It's finally test day, you know where I started the story. We are given one hour to study. One hour to cram in everything you can't remember. Where do you begin? Then it's 10:03 our hour is up. Looks of panic cross all of our faces. We take a short break.

And yes, it's test time. The test administrator gives us the instructions. One hour to take THE TEST! We all begin our test. Surprisingly, we are all finished in 20 minutes. Once again we are saying what was that all about? The administrator comes in with the results. All three of you passed! All we could say is Thank God we survived that.

Then we are told before we can move into our new jobs we have one week of one the job training. What will they come up with next?

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  1. I hate tests I always freeze when taking a test and at times I think at my age tests should be well and truly behind me