Saturday, October 10, 2015

If I Could Reach Higher

Have you ever heard that song Reach by Gloria Estefan? Well you can listen to it as you read this post. Because this is the song that has been going through my mind.

You see I have a goal. That goal is to have access to as much catnip as possible.
Yes, this is me sleeping off my catnip bliss. You see if there is a container containing catnip in my home I can sense it. There is an odor that I smell. And I hunt it down. If it is in a shopping bag, I simply knock the shopping bag onto the floor and pull it out.

But the true challenge has arisen recently, and it is the true reason that I have been thinking of the song Reach. You see my good and loving pet decided to put the catnip on the bookshelf. The first time she put my catnip on the bookshelf it was an easy problem to solve. I simply stretched as far as I could and pulled the baggie down. She soon figured out that she could not keep me from my hearts desire by putting it on a low shelf. So she set it on top of the bookcase. This is a challenge that I have not been able to conquer yet. You see I have reach much further than I have had to in the past. But I believe that I will reach that top shelf.

Another musing by Captain

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