Monday, October 12, 2015

Last Week

This last week has been a good week. It had plenty of highlights. And things that made me feel grateful. So here's a list of some of those great things.

Hitting the jackpot at the Goodwill sale. Yes, it's great to start the week out right with lots of bargains. And of course lots of great finds at low prices. I swore I was only going in to find a pair of pants and a shirt for work, but I came out with four full bags of stuff. Why do I always buy so much junk at those sales?

Yes, I completed another part of my training for my new position at work. I did it successfully. And once again I found out I have to study for another section. If I had known how much crap I would have to go through to get into that position I don't think I would have put in for it.

Being able to sleep at night. You people that work the day shift don't know just how great it is to sleep when it's dark. You just feel more rested when you sleep at night. Just ask anyone who has worked third shift.

Being able to go out with friends to celebrate a birthday. Why is it that Japanese restaurants excel at food presentation? I mean who would have thought to put a bonsai tree with a meal?
What has made your week wonderful?


  1. That sure sounds like an interesting week, I am not sure about the Japanese restaurant. I sure hope you enjoyed it. I had some bonsai trees once, unfortunately they did not survive under my watchful care.
    Thanks for sharing at Fridays Blog Booster Party @28

  2. Oh, that is really great presentation!