Monday, October 5, 2015

October Goals 2015

October is here, and it's time to look back at my goals for the past month. And I need to set some new ones. So first let's take a look at my September Goals.

September was a good month for me to get a few things completed as far as my goals went. My first goal was to thin the closet. I didn't clear out quite a few items. So I did accomplish this goal. But I still need to thin out some more. Where on earth did I get all of this stuff?

My second goal was to finish a craft project. Once again this was a success. I did manage to complete some acorn Jackolanterns. They turned out pretty cute! And they were way simple to make.
The third goal was to clear out the garden. Well, it looks much better. But I still have work to do in order for it to look good in the spring. But I would say I completed the goal since you can now walk through the garden area without feeling like you are walking through a jungle.
The final goal was to spend more time with friends. Mission accomplished. I have had the opportunity to see more people in the month of September than I did throughout the entire summer. It felt good to be able to relax and not worry about work.
So what do I want to accomplish in October?

Set Up a New Exercise Routine

I'm moving into a new position at work which isn't quite as physical. I need to make sure that I'm getting enough exercise. I always feel better when I exercise. And well it's just good for me. I'm going to look around for something that works for me. And that means variety with a lot of structure. Let's see what I can come up with.

Complete Some Drawings

A couple of years ago I had a great idea. It meant that I needed to draw out some pictures. A great artist I am not, but I am really feeling the need to work on the project and make some sort of progress on it. This month I am going to complete at least one drawing in the project.

Plan Out How Much I Want To Spend On Christmas

Yes, Christmas will be here before I know it. And well I need to have a clue as to how much money I can actually spend on presents. I want to be able to pay for everything in cash and not go into debt over presents. I think I can do it.

Clean Out Underneath The Kitchen Sink

Somehow, tons of clutter has collected underneath my kitchen sink. It's crazy! And this month it's going to be cleaned out.
What are you goals for the month of October?
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  1. I hope you manage to achieve some of these goals, I don't have goals any more as I suck at achieving them and just gave up

  2. One of my goals was to get more visitors to my blog at maricescaringhands.weebly,com. I made some changes to attract more interest.

  3. These are great. I have a baby coming next month, so this month's goals for me, are focused on getting everything prepared for her arrival. De-cluttering, adding easy meals to my freezer, things like that.