Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Path Book Review

I was really excited when I received a copy of The Path by Peter Riva to review. I read through the information about the book, and I thought this is the type of book that I really enjoy. A good sci-fi story. And I'll start off by telling you I wasn't disappointed in the book.

The Story

The world is run by artificial intelligence. It's called The System. Everything runs smoothly with The System. Life is fairly predictable. Your food intake is monitored, the weather is monitored. Everything is the way things should be. Well if you like to run smoothly. But what happens when The System begins to come alive?  How do you guide a new life form to the right path?

What I Liked About This Book

I really liked that this book was smart. It's the way that good science fiction should be. It takes a question what happens with this artificial intelligence when it becomes smarter than its creator? And it explores possibilities of what could happen. And I really like that it made me think about what the world could become. This book is good sci-fi. This is a future that I can see happening. We live in a culture where we want everything to be perfect. So in order to address this I could see someone trying to create some sort of system to create that perfect world.

What I Didn't Like

The first part of the story is a little slow. I listened to the book through so it was hard to really get into the story. But when I think about it, the slowness of the beginning of the book actually did fit into the story. When everything in the world is going according to a plan nothing exciting happens. Everything runs smoothly. The mundane does not create memorable drama. So maybe the slowness is necessary to the story. And the action does pick up later in the book. So if you decide to read the book remember this!

Who Will Enjoy This Book

Well, this is a no brainer. Fans of science fiction will enjoy the book. Especially, individuals with an interest in computer programming. Other individuals who might enjoy this book include those who like stories about what could the future look like. As I stated earlier it paints a picture of what the future could be.


I did receive a free copy of the audiobook in exchange for a review, but all of the opinions stated in this review belong to me and they didn't tell me what to say. So it's a real review not a canned one.




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