Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Blogs Worth Reading

The blogs that we spend reading reflect what we are interested in. The blogs that we spend time reading are the ones that shape some of the posts that we will share. They are often models for what we would like our blogs to become. So here are three blogs worth reading.

Frillycakes which is put out by Saija Sasetar. She doesn't post that often, like maybe weekly, but when she does I absolutely love the outfits she puts together. She pulls out steampunk outfits, and the cutest dresses. If you like kawaii or just a different take on fashion check out her blog.
Gingerlillytea is put out by Keri-Ann. Her blog has that dreamy romantic feel to it. You know walks in the country, great DIY projects, adorable children. And well I really envy her photography skills. Her pics are always amazing. It's worth a look.
God's Growing Garden is hosted by Angie. And I love her blog because it's all about gardening. Everyday she posts something relating to growth. Most of it is gardening, but she has a lot of other interesting things. But what I really like about her blog is that she is all about encouraging others to grow in their personal life. And she also encourages others to grow their blogs. And if you love giveaways she usually has some fairly good ones.
So are the blogs I like to check out on a regular basis. Who do you visit regularly?

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