Friday, November 20, 2015


I feel like I've done a lot of reviews here recently, but I have been really fortunate to receive so many things to review. It's hard to say no to reviews. And I enjoy doing them. When I was contacted with the opportunity to review the Christmas Cd by Christ Tomlin I signed up.

The Music

First the Cd contains 11 Christmas songs. Many of these songs are traditional Christmas carols with a twist. They have different titles than we are used to. Midnight Clear is one of these songs. 

At first I didn't really think about it because I'm so used to the title It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. They just shortened the title. And the song begins as the traditional carol does, but then Tomlin adds to it. And it works. He does this throughout the Cd.

As I listened to the recording, I thought that this is actually a Cd that was meant to participated in. And what I mean is, most of these songs are familiar to everyone who celebrates Christmas. Instead of focusing on the skills of the performers, it invites the listener to sing along with the songs. Yeah, some of the arrangements have additional lyrics, but you can sing along. And they are arranged so that the average person can do it. And that is what I liked about the versions of these songs. I do have to admit that there is one song on this collection that I didn't like. I didn't like the version of Noel. It felt like it didn't fit well. It wasn't that the song didn't fit, it was that most of the songs focused on participation and that one focused on the artist. I guess listening is a form of participation, but it wasn't the form of the rest of recordings.

Who Will Like This CD?

Well, fans of Christmas music obviously. But it really is bent toward those who are looking for the religious aspect of Christmas. The songs focus on the birth of Christ. So if you are looking for secular Christmas music this isn't the recording for you. But if you want to sing Christmas songs you will enjoy this cd.

Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this Cd in exchange for a review. But as always I told you what I thought of the music.

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