Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dear Mr. Oak Tree

Dear Mr. Oak Tree:

I am writing to you today to thank you for all of the shade you provide me with during the hot summer months. I think that line from that song by Hank Williams Jr. states it best. They shelter me from noon day sun and guard me from the wind. He's talking about how friends are often like you. But he's right, you are big and mighty.

I enjoy watching the squirrels run up and down your trunk. You have provided that squirrel in my yard with a great home. He is rather protective of you, and he doesn't like it when I get near you. He's even gone so far as throwing acorns at me when I am near you. God knows there is absolutely no reason for me to put a squirrel feeder out for him with you around. He is always busy burying those acorns you shed. And I'm sure he delights in dining on them and the bark you shed. Yes you are a great tree.

There is one little problem though. In the fall you shed a lot of leaves. And I do mean a lot. In fact you shed so many leaves that my rake has threatened to go on strike. He simply doesn't enjoy working that much. I can't say that I blame him. It is a lot of work. I look at it as a great way to exercise, but not that rake. He says he is tired of being pushed and pulled around. He says you wait to drop all of your leaves. The rake says you just drop a few leaves at a time so he can't take that winter vacation he is waiting for.

I have to tell you that I do agree with the rake you do take an awful long time to shed those leaves. The maple tree in the yard seems a little bit more efficient with this process. After its leaves change color and the first wind, I look up at that tree and its leaves are all gone. I look up at you mighty oak, and I think well I won't have to spend that much time raking today. It seems like the leaves never totally fall off of you until the new ones bloom in the spring.

So if you could do me a favor so that the rake doesn't go on strike, could you shed all of your leaves soon. And then the rake could take his winter vacation.

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