Monday, November 23, 2015

Ditching the Drive-Thru

Have you ever been driving home from work and thought to yourself I just don't want to cook tonight? The first thought is I'll just go pick something up. And then it happens again the next day. Pretty soon going through the drive-thru has become a habit. Well, Ditching the Drive-Thru is all about developing a lifestyle that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. When I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review I thought this book is going to be one that will help change some of my bad nutritional habits.

The Story

In this book Winch shares her journey to healthier eating. She shares how her interest in eating natural foods came about. It was simple the food just tasted better. And that's the beginning of her journey. The book shares the strategies she has developed and maintained a much healthier eating plan in her life. She shares information about the food industry. She also explains how you can find healthy food without going to the grocery store. She makes it really clear that there is a price for everything. In exchange for saving time we have given up food that actually tastes good. And she asks the reader the question are you really saving time by not cooking? 

What I Liked and Learned

I liked that the author presented eating healthier as a lifestyle. Our lifestyle is a choice. We can choose to go through a drive-thru. Or we can choose to make a meal. It's just that simple. And I also like that she pointed out that we may think we are saving time by eating the way a vast majority of the individuals in our culture eat. But in reality we may not be saving time at all. By not preparing our own home made meals we are missing out on some really valuable things. And many of those things are not just related to nutrition. We are missing out on quality time that can be shared with those we care about when we cook. I also liked how the author pointed out that an individual should ease themselves into this lifestyle. If you try to do it all at once you may be overwhelmed and just give up.

I am not completely ignorant when it comes to the food industry. I know that there is something really wrong with the way that food is being processed right now. But this book gave me some reminders about what is really going on. I am always a little stumped on how to deal with this in my everyday life. How do I find locally grown food, that is far better for me? I knew about farmers markets, but what do you do in the winter. The author pointed out that there are community supported agriculture groups that I can join. It's something that I need to research a little further. 

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone who enjoys food should read this book. The author points out how to find food that really tastes good. And she points out how to make sure that the food you prepare tastes good. If you are a foodie you may enjoy reading this book. And then anyone who is trying to figure out how to begin a lifestyle that focuses on food that is packed full of nutritional value. She provides information on setting out a plan to develop a more healthy lifestyle. Her plan at the end of the book can set you on a healthier diet. If you are looking for a weight loss plan, this book isn't it. This book is about bringing good food into your life. Weight loss may be a benefit of this lifestyle, but it is not what the book is about. 

Additional Information

This book really did make me think. If you read yesterday's post Homemade Goulash Recipe, I really did stop and think while I was at the grocery store. I thought why did I need to buy a box meal instead of preparing my own meal. The food industry may not want you to read this book. Because you might realize that those box meals really don't save you as much time as you think. Preparing that recipe didn't take any longer than preparing the food from scratch. Really, it didn't! 


I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for a review, but the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


  1. I let myself skip cooking for the drive through (actually, usually something like Subway) once a month. Otherwise, I try to be good:)


  2. I rarely have take away for a couple of reasons one can't afford it and two I prefer to make food at home it doesn't take as long to prepare food as some people think it does