Monday, November 9, 2015

How Do I Get Rid of This Writers Block?

I think that most everyone has had days when they just look at their computer screen and think to themselves I have nothing to say. You think to yourself how do I get rid of this writers block? It's not easy, but it can be done.

Something New

Try writing in a different place than you usually do. You'd be surprised how just changing the room you write in can make you think a little differently. And you could go to a coffee shop or the library for a really big change.

Get Up And Move Around

Yes, physical activity can make you just a little more creative. Your blood gets flowing, and the time doing exercising can give you some time to clear out your old thoughts and get some new ones.

Read or Watch the News

Oh, the news is always full of stories that start conversations. It doesn't matter whether it is politics or just a stupid criminal. There is something to talk about. It's guaranteed to make you start thinking and writing.

Blog and Writing Prompts

These are a gold mine. All you have to do is put those words in a search engine and you will have hundreds of ideas before you know it. The key to using these is to make them your own. It usually doesn't take long and your have an entire original post. Don't be afraid to be different than everybody else.

Spend Time With Different People

Conversations with people you don't usually talk to will open up your eyes to different points of view. You'll hear different versions of stories, and you will definitely hear some different phrases. All of these will increase your creativity and hopefully eliminate that writers block.



  1. YES! The more I think when I have writer's block, the more it hangs around...I have to get up and do something completely unrelated!


  2. If there was a sure fire way to get rid of writes block things would be better for those who write but there isn't it is trial and error trying to get rid of it