Monday, November 16, 2015

Moments That Make Me Wonder

Yes, there are those times when you just have to take a moment and wonder about what people are thinking. Why do they do things the way they do them? Here are some of most recent moments that make me wonder.

I recently went to the store to purchase some caulk for the house. I also needed a caulk gun. I found the caulk, but where were the caulk guns? Why wouldn't a caulk gun be next to the caulk? Apparently, that big box chain believes I need to get a little more exercise in my life. It was on the other side of the store. And those big box stores aren't small. It must have been a half mile walk to get that caulk gun.

Recently on my trip to the art museum for the Day Of The Dead festivities, the art museum had a face painter providing free face painting. This was a great idea! Face painting is part of the day. We all love the great pictures of them. The bad idea they had was putting the face painting right next to some of the really cool photos they had on display for the event. I mean these were great! But those of us who were interested in seeing them had to wait in line with those waiting to get their faces painted in order to see them. Why didn't they put the line for the make up artist near the gift shop? They could have sold items to people who were hopping in and out of line while they were waiting. And most importantly, I could have seen the photos without spending well over an hour in line. I'm just saying.

I had to take a moment to think the other day when my co-worker told me she didn't think she would like my work schedule because she really wouldn't know what she would do with that extra day off each week. I kind of understood the statement, but what make me think was she keeps talking about retiring soon. Isn't that seven days off a week? If she doesn't know what to do with three days off a week what will she do with seven? Does that make sense to you?

So what moments in life have made you wonder recently?

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  1. I wondered the other day how many years I have worried about my weight! I have been teeny tiny, slim , chubby and now just plain old fashioned fat! Even when I was tiny I thought I was fat lol. If i add up all those years of worry I would have another life to live !!

  2. Hmmmm... I guess I wonder what drivers are thinking when they slow down on the on ramp to the interstate. That's the time to accelerate. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. LOL, I'm laughing at that last story! Hope you're having a great week!