Saturday, December 5, 2015

Captain's Christmas Wrapping Instructions

Christmas has arrived at our house. Today something started that I remember from the past. My pet human got out a bunch of stuff. Most of the items in that box were set aside. I noticed it over the past month. There were several items going into that box. And some of them seemed a little interesting. Every time I tried to get inside that box my pet chased me off. There was something important in there.

Today, I got a good look at some of the items. None of them were for me, but interesting they are. All sorts of goodies. After items were pulled out of the box, my pet ran down to the basement. Of course I followed. The basement is always an adventure. She dug around and found some long tubes. And she carried them back upstairs.

I was curious! What was so special about those tubes? And most importantly, would it benefit me? When we arrived upstairs I realized that those tubes had paper on them. I thought to myself my pet really is thinking of me. She has brought up new paper for me to sit on. I love sitting on paper. It doesn't matter where the paper is located I love to sit on it.

Well my good and loving pet rolled the paper out across the bed. I immediately walked to the center of the piece of paper and sprawled across it. To my surprise I was moved off of the paper, and my pet placed one of the items from the box where I was sitting just a second ago.

I didn't quite understand what was happening. Wasn't that paper set out for me? But I watched with my usual amount of patience when it comes to my pets activities. She began to wrap the paper around the item from the box. I wanted to help with this so I got closer. Then she placed tape on the paper. And then she placed some on me. I was not pleased with this! Tape is not meant for felines. I was intrigued though. The paper hid the item.

As this activity was repeated over and over, I decided that it was best if I simply ssupervied the activity. It did seem to make my pet happier when I did this. And as I supervised a thought came to me. Wouldn't it be fun to tear through all of that paper later on Then I could sit in the middle of my handywork and who my pet human just who was really in charge of this house. Yes, I have a plan when I need to teach my pet a lesson. Who knows when I will put this plan into action, but it will be great fun.

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  1. Hello, your Captain the kitty is very smart. Happy weekend to you!