Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Captain's Favorite Toy

Yes, I love my toys. And I can turn anything into a toy. I mean everything in the home is actually meant for my amusement.

Sometimes my pet human refuses to acknowledge this. And there can be times when it creates a minor conflict between my pet and me. The most recent cause for struggle between to the two of us involves this.

You see my pet put's these in her ears. And well they are just dangling there. And well it's a little bit like string. I just can't resist grabbing it. If my pet is wearing these and a grab them, she pushes me away. How rude can she be! I mean she knows me and she knows that I can't resist string. I love playing with this toy, but every time my pet sees me playing with this it is taken away from me. She has even taken to hiding it from me. So I have been working at developing my skills at opening things. It often takes me a while, but if it is in a box I can knock it around and open the box. But it does take a little work. And I must do this while she is out of the house.

Have any of you had similar experiences with your favorite toys?

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