Friday, December 18, 2015

Chomp Into Chomps

I was fortunate enough to receive samples of Chomp’s Snack Sticks recently in exchange for a review. So I guess this is a sponsored post. While I was provided with the items are no charge rest assured faithful followers, the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

The Product

Chomp’s is a beef snack stick that is made from 100% grass fed New Zealand beef.  Why New Zealand beef, that’s simple the beef is higher in nutrients.  The founder of the company, Pete Maldonado, set out to create a healthier version of the Slim Jim that we see at all convenience stores. He came up with a recipe that is gluten-free. And it contains meat that is not pumped full of antibiotics.

What I Liked and Disliked

First off, these snacks sticks are packaged like most of its competitors. They came in the familiar plastic wrap that protects the snack. I was provided with three different flavors  Crankin’ Cran, Original and Hoppin’ Jalapeno. I opened up the the Hoppin’ Jalapeno, or I should say I tried to rip it open, but it didn’t happen. I had to find a pair of scissors to cut the package. I finally got the package open, and I took a bite. I liked what I tasted.  It wasn’t tough, and there was the distinct taste of a jalapeno. I thought this is pretty good.

Next, I decided to look a little more closely at the package. I was pleased to see that the ingredients were all words that I was able to pronounce. That’s not the norm in snack sticks. So I was pleased. The package directed me to the website So I went to the site. I read through the information. Things looked pretty good.

The product claimed to be healthier than its competitors. So I decided to check out their sites. And low and behold the claims were right. Chomps are higher in protein, and I was really pleased to see it was much lower in sodium.

I tasted the the other two flavors. The original flavor had that distinctive beef taste a beef stick should have. And the Crankin’ Cran had a slightly sweet taste. I think that the Crankin’ Cran was my favorite.

I really liked that these snacks aren’t packed full of sodium. I didn’t have the desire to drink a gallon of water after I ate one. I always feel that way when I eat similar products. And I really like that they are healthy snack I can eat on the run. The website prices the items at $11.50 for a 5 pack. And other products cost around that at the health food store. So the price isn’t bad. The two things I don’t like are I don’t know where to find them locally. It would be nice if the website told you how to do that. And the package was a little difficult to open. But overall, this is a great product and I will definitely be looking for Crankin’ Cran snack sticks made by Chomp’s when I’m out and about.

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