Friday, December 4, 2015

December Goals 2015

Can you believe it's December already? I can't. It's Christmas time, and before we all know it a new year. But it i a new month, and it is time to look at some goals I set last month. And time to set some goals for December.

So how did I do with those November goals?

My very first goal was to rake the leaves in the yard. I did do this. And I raked a lot of leaves. Just read my post Dear Mr. Oak Tree . Twenty bags later and with my rake threatening to go on strike, there still are a few leaves in the yard. But it is much better than previous years. Hurray for me! And I have to admit, when I got the letter from the utility company stating that they were sending individuals around to work on tree trimming I was not upset!

The next goal was to sit down and make a gratitude list. I did this too! Let me tell you I am on a roll. I found that most importantly I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. Yeah, it's cheesy, but it's true!

The third goal was to go through at least one of the boxes in my house and see what I needed to keep and what I could loose. Yes, I did it! I went through not only one, but two of them! I was an overachiever with this one. And it was strange to see some of the things that I just thought that I needed to keep in those two boxes. I used that stand by phrase if I haven't needed it for at least a year do I need it now? It worked. I took several bags of items to the thrift store. Maybe somebody else will decide they can't live without them.

Lastly, I was seeking activities that I could do with a friend who has some extreme weight issues. I wanted to try and find some activities that didn't involve going out to eat with him. I kicked around ideas with another friend, but we didn't come up with anything. It will take a little more planning. Do I get credit for some effort?

December Goals

Put up my Christmas tree! The past couple of years, I haven't even put up the tree. Last year I was just trying to survive my hectic work schedule, and a Christmas tree was just another thing I didn't have time for. This year it is going to happen! I just have to clear that spot out for the tree. It's going to happen!

Clean behind the refrigerator. This hasn't been done in two years. I'm afraid of what I will find. But it needs to be done. Any volunteers to help me? And does anybody have any advice on the best way to do this?

Spend a half hour a week planning out where I want this blog to go. I am one of those people who just kind of has a lot of plans in my head, but at times it can all be kind of scattered. I'm going to start moving it forward. This way I will have a little more focus. I think I miss out on some really great opportunities because I am a little scattered.

Take a day trip! I haven't had a real day trip in like two years. I have gone to visit family, but that doesn't really count. My last road trip was My Trip To Hell and Back two years ago. I've got an idea for a really fun one. So hopefully, this month will be the month it will happen.

So what big plans does everyone else have in store this month?


  1. Goals! Congrats an what you got done Heidi and are doing now. Neighbor today at the linkup.

  2. Thanks Heidi for bringing this post to the Blogger's Pit Stop. Every post adds value for us all. We love to see you enjoying the blogging experience and we want to help you achieve that. Whatever your blogging goals we hope you have found a piece of knowledge here that will help you going forward.

    I hope the road trip goes well. I am planning one for next July, it is for a week. I have never done that before.