Saturday, December 12, 2015

Easy Do It Yourself Christmas Gift

It's two weeks until Christmas. You still haven't found that perfect Christmas gift for your friend. It's time to start looking through your house for something easy that you can put together that shows just how much you care about your friend. Here's what I came up with for an inexpensive gift that one of your friends will enjoy.

Most of us have a some empty bottles around the house. So that's where you can start. Grab that empty bottle. And then grab some paint. I used paint pens for the white. And I have to say I absolutely love using them. It made this project so easy. Paint anything you can think of on the bottle. As long as it is holiday related.

You now have a container to put something that will make anyone smile.

Add This to Your Bottle


  1. Very clever. I like to give and receive homemade coupons for experiences together or alone - babysitting, a meal, a movie date, etc. Your neighbor at Small Victories Link Up.

    1. It really is super easy to make. And who doesn't have an extra bottle lying around the house?