Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm Happy For You

I received a copy of the book I'm Happy for You Sort of Not Really by Kay Will Wyma to review. When I saw this book I thought this is a book that I should read. Even though I got a free copy of the book, the opinions are all mine.

The Story

This book is a self help book. The author explores how we have a culture of comparing ourselves to others. And how this culture is often sucking the joy out of our lives. She uses her real life experiences to show how this happens. I really liked it when told the story of not having a meal prepared for her husband one night. She was upset because that was her job. It's what she thought was expected out of her. Her husband told her that night that it was alright they would figure something out. She realized that it was really her that was important to him and not the meal. She also shows how we are constantly bombarded with ways that we have to compare ourselves to others through the media. I felt that this book really did encourage individuals to grow into the person they truly are, and not the person everybody else thinks we should be.

What I Liked and Disliked

I liked that this book really did address that we are so busy comparing ourselves to others that we are often not enjoying life. The book encourages us to simply be happy for others instead of wanting what an individual has. But are we willing to do what that person has had to do in order to get it? And is it really part of our personality? I liked how she pointed out that reading those lists can just put extra pressure on an individual. Who hasn't looked on Pinterest and and thought to themselves I want a house like that? Or I want to be able to make that? And I like that she points out that we need to look for one of the things that make life rich our love for others in life. Truly accepting another individual and celebrating those great things that they excel at. At the same time I didn't like that she really blames social media for all of this comparison. It certainly does contribute. But I think that's always a little too easy. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. And find some sort of balance. The real question is why do so many individuals feel a need to compare themselves to others?

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone who is looking for a richer life. I think it's healthy for us to challenge how the world tells us how to lead our lives. And social media certainly does encourage everyone to live life the way others do. But this book may be a book for those who are interested in the media. This book does point out just how it can affect our daily lives. And individuals who are involved in the social media world need to challenge themselves to make it a healthy atmosphere. Overall, I enjoyed this book, it made me think about how I want to live my life. 

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