Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015

I decided that I would share with everyone a few things that just make me so happy if I received them as gifts on Christmas day. And I thought I would share why I like each of them.

Upper left Fairy Antlers by Nerdy Little Secrets They are just kind of whimsical. And they aren't over the top. And I absolutely love that the shop owner gave some suggestions on ways to style them best when you wear them.

Lower left Set of Fox Coffee Mugs by Marinski Heartmades I love the fox design. I can't decide which color fox I like the best. This morning I am leaning toward the greenish one. But it changes every time I look at them. The rest of the designs in the shop are just as cute.

Middle Indulgent Bath Soak Salts by Soapwalla I ordered some of these last winter. And these are great. They are high quality, and they really did help my aching body after those long hours I worked last winter. They added a little bit of luxury to the day. If you want to give a great bath salt to someone for Christmas definitely check this out. It's worth the money.

Upper Right Reindeer Pendant by Mandarinas De Tela When I first glanced at this necklace I thought it was felt, but as I looked a little closer, it is actually painted material. I thought this is a little different than many item out there. And I actually was drawn to it because I was looking at items with a Christmas theme that could be worn outside of Christmas. I think this necklace is what I was looking for. It fits with a Christmas outfit, and it could fit with a woodland theme outfit.

Lower Right Kimono Bunny by Namu I love the retro feel of the shirt, and well the bunny is cute. Okay, it's beyond cute! It's Kawaii! And the flowers floating up on the shirt just give it a little happier appearance. I don't know a better way to describe it!

So I noticed that I have a little bit of a woodland theme going with my wishlist this Christmas. I do love cute little animals. And I also like all of these items because they aren't what you would find in the store down the street that shall remain nameless.

Let me know which item you like the best, and what is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Need some Christmas music to listen to while your wrapping those gifts? Then click the link below
Offbeat Christmas Tunes

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