Sunday, December 13, 2015

Take Care of Your Music Business

Everyone knows that the music business is a tough one to break into. But does the average person realize that musicians in this day and age aren't just making music, they are actually running a business.

I recently received a copy of the book Take Care of Your Music Business by John P. Kellogg, Esq. I wasn't sure what to expect from the book, or how it would apply to my life. But sometimes you just need to read something in order to see where it goes.

The Story

Kellogg is a musician and a lawyer. He begins the book by reminding musicians that part of being a musician is being a businessman. If you don't have a good business plan then you won't really be a successful musician. He breaks down how to choose the correct business type for your music. And he provides interpretations of what common contracts look like. He provides a sample contract and then what exactly it means in everyday terms. These are laid out side by side. So the reader can actually compare the two. He also explains just how a recording artist earns their money. He provides information of mechanical, performance and other rights that musicians have. But overall, he encourages musicians to be well informed and professional.

What I Liked and of a Dislike

I'm not a musician, but I like how the author tells you straight up that if you are going to be in the recording industry you are going to have to develop yourself as a business. I like that he actually explains what the rights of a musician are. And just how important it is for the musician to negotiate a good contract. And the only way for the musician to do that is to make sure they are knowledgeable. He points out that even if you are friends with the individuals you are working with, it is still important to put down the terms of your agreements in contracts. It will save you headaches in the future. That's valuable advice for anyone running any business. He encourages musicians to develop a powerful product. 

I really liked that he put sample contracts in the book. But at the same time it made the book longer. And there are pages of just reading a contract. It's necessary for musicians to have something like this to refer to, but you know legal reading is always a little dry.

Who Should Read This

Anyone who is going into the music industry. It doesn't matter if you are dreaming of being a star or just want to be a member of a successful local band. This book points out that there is a lot more to being a musician than music. He points out that you have to be talented. You need to work hard often for a long time. And he points out that you will also have to make some gutsy moves. I think this book would be invaluable to individuals who are just start their music business out.

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