Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse

I recently received copies of two of the book from the series The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse by Gwyneth Jane Page. I received these copies in exchange for reviews of the books. But as always the opinions that are expressed are all mine.

The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Canada

The first book in the series is all about a little stuffed mouse who finds a home with a young girl named. The girl's name is Emily. In this book PJ finds himself getting his first real bath. And then he begins traveling with the family in their fifth-wheel. PJ has a knack for getting into scrapes which the family happily assists him out of. But he is always keen to see where the family will go next. He sees a glacier, a salt lake, Niagara Falls, and Quebec City. And he makes memories in each of the places he visits. And when he returns home with Emily, he makes a new friend, the family cat.

What I Liked And Disliked

I liked that PJ is so inquisitive. PJ isn't afraid to try and find out more about just about every place he visits. The illustrations in the book are fun. They blend well with the authors writing. They are pictures that children will enjoy seeing. He's a cute little mouse.

Who Should Read This Book

This is a children's book so of course it will appeal to children. But most importantly I think that boys and girls would both enjoy this book. 

The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse In Queensland

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With the second book in the series, the family flies to Australia. They visit all the great sites including The Great Barrier Reef. PJ has the time of his life swimming, and he learns all about riptides. And he makes loads of new friends when he visit Mon Repos and then an island made of sand. 

What I Liked and Disliked

I liked that PJ seemed a little afraid to fly in this book. But he didn't let that stop him from flying with the family. And I also liked that PJ has the great skill of making friends wherever he goes. And my favorite part of the book is the section when he gets caught in the riptide. I also liked that PJ remembers the pet cat while he is away. He brings him home a stuffed animal.

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone who enjoyed the first book will enjoy the second one. But children who like to ask a lot of questions will probably will enjoy this book. There are times when children who questions are made to feel like they are bothersome. PJ is like that child. He asks questions wherever he goes. It actually makes him more likable. 

The Series

There are actually three books in this series. And I would highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to buy books for children this Christmas. These books will encourage children to look at their surroundings and want to explore a little bit more. And it may even encourage children to explore the larger world when they are older.

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