Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Unwanted Stepchild

I wrote yesterday about that bossy co-worker. I knew that I was in no mood to deal with that individual. It was a day when my buttons could easily be pushed. And so I decided that it would be best if I did as much as I could to stay away from that individual. But as most individuals know avoidance doesn't really work.

Midway through the day circumstances put me right next to the individual I knew I should be as far away from as possible today. We really do have a work set up where we don't need to interact with each other very much. But oh, no, this co-worker has not figured out that yet. I'm working an individual and this busybody member of the human race leans over and tells me I was going to need to move the items out of my locker because the individual I was sharing a locker with was back from sick leave. He wanted his locker back.

Now I knew she didn't know what she was talking about. She rarely does. My supervisor had told me initially that the person I shared a locker with didn't mind. But it annoyed me anyway. And I was in no mood to just go with the flow. But I do my best to ignore her. Then fifteen minutes later my nosy neighbor points out a mistake I made. It wasn't really a big deal. But this individual makes a big deal out of everything. Busybodies usually do. That was enough. I not so politely told her thank you for pointing out my mistake. And she just kept at it. I finally told her to just leave it. In other words just leave me alone!

It was my turn to go to lunch. I needed out of the situation so I was relieved. On my way out to lunch, a co-worker who has a position similar to mine told me we're just the unwanted stepchildren of this work group.

I thought about this throughout the day. And I've decided she's right. You see the co-worker who stated that we are the unwanted stepchildren and I decided to take positions that were non traditional. We decided that we wanted to have more quality time in our lives. We decided that we could comfortably live on the 32 hour work week instead of the 40 hour work week that everyone else believes they must have.

I also decided a couple of things. First I actually feel sorry for bossy co-worker of mine. It must be difficult to go through life only feeling good about yourself when you point out other individuals flaws.

And the second thing I decided is that the herd abhors individuals who are willing to make choices about their lives that make them happy. If you are unwilling to conform to their pattern of behavior, then you must be annihilated at any cost. If they can't convince you to conform in to their beliefs in a conversation, then they will move to other tactics.

So since I have decided to use the past couple of days to vent. I thought I would share a picture that is much more relaxing. And it also reminds me of a more healthy attitude toward life.


  1. Sorry you work with that yucky environment of people like that. Good attitude to have though . They are jealous and miserable. Merry Christmas.

    1. It's actually a good work environment. Just one of those when you work with people. It will all work out. And yeah, they are jealous.

  2. I have to say that's the right way of facing this situation..stay positive and don't let them change you. Cheeers...

  3. Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective. I'm glad you made it through the day and I hope you have had time to relax like the kitty!