Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can Animal Planet Save The World?

Have you ever watched the movie Dude Where's My Car? The one made back in 2000 with Ashton Kutchner. The movie where two guys with no ambition loose a car as well as a night in their life.

In the movie Jesse and Chester are two likable guy, but not necessarily the brightest guys you've ever met. They are just two guys who smoke a lot of pot, and watch a lot of Animal Planet. They aren't complicated at all.

They are the guys we all see as not really accomplishing anything in life. But one day these guys wake up, and realize they can't remember what happened the night before. Yes, they had a wild night partying. But something else happened that night. They met some travelers.

Low and behold these travelers were from outer space. And well Jesse and Chester were the keys to keeping everything together in the universe.

The guys who sit around and watch Animal Planet are the ones who might just have the information to saving the world. You see the guys are holding the key to save the world when the giant aliens are attacking. They can't quite reach the button, and then it comes to Chester. That scene where chimpanzees use a stick as a crude tool to get into a small area. It's exactly what they need to punch the button and save the world.

So the next time you make fun of that person who watches all those animal documentaries you might just want to think twice. You never know when that little bit of trivia from that show may be needed.

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