Monday, January 25, 2016

ChalkO Chalkboard Markers Review

If you read my recent post What Was That Detail?, you already know that I am trying some new things in order to pay attention to details. I was really fortunate to receive some white chalk markers by Chalk-O to review. They fit in perfect with my new project.

The Product

When I received the package with my new markers in it I opened it up. It contained four markers and eight chalkboard stickers. So far so good, the package contained everything it said it should.

I got one of the markers out, and opened it up. The marker and the package both provided instructions on how to get the liquid chalk to flowing. I shook the pen and pressed down per the instructions. And it worked. I was able to write my task for that I wanted to complete on the mirror. It worked. I was pleased.

Then I went to put the cap back on the marker. Somehow I pressed to hard against the tip of the marker. And the tip came out. I thought oh no. I've used it once and it is ruined. And there was some liquid that spilled. I looked at the marker again, and I was able to put the tip back in the marker. I tested it to see if it would still work. And it did. And the mess was super easy to clean up. I just used a wet paper towel to clean it up. No more mess.

Now, I knew that it would clean up easily when it was wet, but would it clean up when it had dried on a surface? When I was ready to erase what I wrote on the mirror, I sprayed it with glass cleaner. And then I wiped a paper towel across the area, it was gone. It required little to no effort.

So overall, this product did what it claims to do.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product would be great for teachers and parents. It recommended for children over the age of three. And I believe that a child who is supervised could easily use this product. Due to the fact that the tip will come out, I would not let younger children use these markers. It is super easy to use on glass. So if you have a project that requires writing on glass this will work for you.

Disclaimer: I did receive this product free in exchange for an honest review, and I have provided you with what I thought of this product.

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