Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fabulous Moments

The past couple of weeks were full of challenges. But this last week had some really great moments. Here are some of the fabulous moments from the last week.

Getting my car back from the auto collision shop. Those of you who are my faithful followers know that New Year's Eve was not too kind to me. And well I found that my car was broken into. You can read all about it here. I finally got my car back last Monday. Yes, I had to work out logistics. My friend Laura volunteered to drive me over to the repair shop early Monday morning to pick up my car. And my friend Gloria over at Edge of Gloria gave me a ride home after I dropped off my rental car. (And just in case you don't know Enterprise really will give you a ride home after you drop off your car. I wish I would have asked about that policy before I asked Gloria to go out on a cold winter night.)

That lady who brought in not one but two boxes of DeBrand Chocolate when she noticed that we were having a hard day at work.

Yes, girl you are the reason that working with the public can be great! You make it worthwhile. Sometimes Just a Smile can work, and more often than not we really do mean to be smiling.

Last night I had the chance to go out to dinner with my friends Mike and Laura. Savor Fort Wayne is going on. We decided to use the event to visit a restaurant none of us have visited before. We chose Queen of Sheba and it was a fantastic choice. The food was wonderful, and the staff were fantastic!

If you live in Fort Wayne or if you will be visiting the area make sure to check out this restaurant. And save room for the Queen of Sheba baklava. It is the best desert I've had in ages. Sorry didn't get a picture of the baklava, but trust me it is wonderful. I'm so glad we all opted to try something completely different for the evening.

Tonight we'll be celebrating my friend Andy's birthday. Celebrations are always fun, and we all know that nine times out of ten Andy's birthday party is the coldest day of the year. And if it isn't the coldest day of the year. Well it's one of the coldest days. Today is no exception it is currently 12 degrees. Yes, that's an even dozen. We all venture out in the cold, because it's Andy. But part of me is happy because deep in my heart I know that the worst of winter is coming to an end. Temperatures should rise into the twenties and thirties really soon. Happy Birthday Andy!

What have been some of the fabulous moments in your life this week?


  1. Restorative yoga really relaxed me after such a long, crazy week. Today we enjoyed a church service, football and hallmark movie. I baked a new cookie recipe. :)

  2. It is the fabulous that makes us happy and excited just saying

  3. I'm glad you're life is moving back to the 'happy side!' We've had a bit of snow here in MO and the photo opportunities have greatly improved! We had our children home last weekend, which is always a treat and this weekend will be hosting a dinner party for friends. Stay warm!