Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 2016 Goals

January has arrived. It's hard to believe that 2015 is over, and yes I still have to remind myself to write 2016. And well I don't have to remind myself that there are loads of things I want to accomplish in life, and it's a new year. So it's time to come up with some goals that will move me to completing these goals.

First we should take a look at the December Goals 2015. First, I'll state that December was not a good month for me accomplishing my goals. Somehow no matter what I did I got sidetracked.

My first goal of December was to actually put up my Christmas tree this year. This seemed like a really simple goal for me to accomplish. It was something I really wanted, and I had some really cool stuff for the tree. It didn't happen though. I had to clear out a lot of stuff in the area I was going to put the tree up in, and while I did get this accomplished. It was actually the last Sunday in December when it was finally cleared out for a tree. And I was leaving for Illinois on Tuesday. So even though I could have. I just opted not to put it up. There just wasn't enough time to enjoy it.

The second goal was to clean behind the refrigerator. This was a huge fail. When it comes to cleaning the house, I do believe I would rather chew on aluminum foil than clean. I mean I can find any reason not to clean the house. And well I did get a huge area cleared out in my living room. I had a cat tree for the cats to climb on. They never used it so I decided it would be a great place to stack stuff. That was the area that I decided to put my Christmas tree. So I think I decided to focus on that area to clean. And yes, I accomplished that but I think I didn't focus on cleaning behind the fridge. Perhaps, two cleaning projects in one month are just too much for me.

Another goal I set was a day trip. A friend and I decided to take a trip to a really cool place. We were really looking forward to it, but life had other plans for me. On the week that we tentatively planned to take the trip life took a dump. You can learn about that dump in my post There's No In Between, So my friend and I are planning to take that trip at another time. Yes, it is something to look forward to.

And the other goal I set was to spend a half hour a week planning out my blog and where I wanted it to go. I did do this. Hey one out of four isn't bad. It really did help me focus in on what I want my blog to be. And it reminded me that I have a lot to say. I planned out each of the posts. And while I didn't use each of them. I did have a lot more direction than many times in the past. And I set some easy to obtain goals. That has also helped me put together some great things for the future of this blog. So keep reading there are super posts with loads of energy coming.

Now, on to the good stuff what do I want to do in January?

Complete A Major House Repair

Yes, there is a major repair that I need to complete around my house. And this is the month it is going to happen. My kitchen sink has not been working for a while. Someone told me it would be an easy fix it project for me, but alas, I am not the do it yourself fix it type. It doesn't matter how good the video on youtube is. I couldn't get it to work right. I need a plumber. It's going to happen this month. I have the money saved up. I think I have enough. 

Return emails promptly

I believe that I have used a goal to this in the past involving phone calls. I am horrible at returning messages. I just put things off. It's kind of like that cleaning thing. My goal is to return emails within 24 hours of receiving them. Most days there is no reason that I put thing off, but I do. I'm gonna conquer it this month.

Get That Project Running

There is a project that I have had in mind for a while. This is the month that it's going to get a launch. I'm nervous about it, but it will happen. If I don't start it now, it may never happen.

Focus in on The Details

Most new word for this year is details. You can read more about it if you click on the link. I have decided that I need to pick out a detail to focus on daily you know either at night or in the morning. I haven't decided how this will work, but I'm going to give it a shot.

So what do you want to accomplish this month?

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