Friday, January 15, 2016

Just A Smile

How many of you work with the public? More specifically how many of you work with customers? Yes, they are a blessing and sometimes they are a curse. It often feels like the individual working in customer service is at their mercy. But are we really?

Recently, I had a customer who was angry when she arrived. She had a screaming baby and an hour wait. She was not pleased. She was angry with the system, and she was angry that she couldn't get what she wanted immediately. She was angry because people didn't allow her to move forward in the line because she had a baby. She was angry with a manager who told her we may not be able to assist her today. In short there was nothing she wasn't angry about that afternoon. And she had no problem telling everyone that she came in contact with that she was angry.

Then she gets to me the representative of everything she is angry about. The one she can tell just what she thinks of the system. The one who has no control over how the system is run. But none the less will have to listen to her complaints. Oh, yes, she was a customer service nightmare!

So, I decide this is a challenge and not a problem. I apologize for her wait, and inform her that I will help her as much as I can. She tells me that she should not have to wait to be assisted. I smile and redirect her to the work at hand. She then tells me that she has a baby. I smile and think to myself everyone knows you have a baby we've been listening to the baby scream for an hour.

I apologize again for the system that is in place. I remind her that we will get through the paperwork necessary as quickly as possible so that she can carry on with her day. She continues to tell me that nobody will help her.

I smile and think to myself thank you for calling me nobody. I carry on with the questions and paperwork I need to complete.

I listen to her as she tells me that how awful it is that individuals have to wait. I smile and think to myself  lady tell me something I don't already know.

We finish the paperwork and I provide her the information about the customer service survey that is available. She assures me that she will be completing the survey to tell them how she had to wait. And I smile thinking to myself I'm glad you're going away.

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