Sunday, January 24, 2016

Staring At The Blank Page

I sat here staring at a blank page today. I was wondering what I wanted to share with the world this Sunday morning. I didn't know what to say. Quite frankly, nothing really seemed to come to mind. And then I thought my life is pretty great. Why not share what is great about my life or at least the past couple of days in my life.

It is absolutely great that it is a sunny day today. Winter seems so long to me sometimes. It's such a hassle to put on all of the extra clothes. And oh, yes, the joy of having to start your car a little early because it needs to warm up. Apparently, cars don't like winter much either. But today the sun is out and I can go out and play. It's made me think of the song Dear Prudence.

I thought how it was great that I got to celebrate my friend Andy's birthday not just once this week, but twice. It was great to be able to spend time with friends, and of course you always deserve a full week of celebrations. And a big thanks to El Azteca for the big table and warm welcome you provided us last Sunday to start the celebrations. Those Big Benji's were fabamundo!

My friend Gloria, who was at my house when the scanner wouldn't work. Oh, yes, she got to be around me when I got totally frustrated with my total lack of mechanical skills. She helped me figure out how to get it working right instead of just putting the project to the side. Thanks, Gloria!

That gift $25 gift card I was able to get through Swagbucks. If you don't use it, you're missing out. All you have to do is search like you normally do on the internet you win points, and you can cash those points in for gift cards.

My cat finally approved of a treat I brought home to him. He went crazy for the Hairball treats I bought by Pet Naturals. I couldn't believe it. He is picky. He normally turns his nose up to a lot of treat, but not these. It felt good to finally please Mr. Picky Pants.

And last my friend Laura made me a fantastic wand for Harry Potter Day. It looks great, and well it was perfect for the festivities at Sweets So Geek. Even though we were late for the costume contest. They put together a absolutely great Harry Potter themed party! Can't wait to see what their next promotion is. I know it will be great. And that pumpkin juice they make is the greatest! You all should check it out if you are in Ft. Wayne.

And that absolutely fabulous co-worker who cancelled a day of vacation to come in and work because we were going to be short handed. You are the best co-worker of the week! And maybe even ever!

So somehow I went from staring at a blank page to a page full of things that are really wonderful in my life. Not bad is it?


  1. You are right. That is a lot of things to be thankful for. Glad your cat likes his treats.

  2. What a fun post! I'm so glad for these happy things going on in your life... I have a picky cat too so extra hurray about the treats! :)

    Thank you for linking up at Friday Frivolity! See you again soon!