Monday, January 11, 2016

That's Too Deep

It's been raining a lot in the Midwest. There was a foot of rain in a couple of days in Missouri and Illinois over Christmas week. That's a lot of water. When it rains that much creeks and rivers flood. And the roads do too. My faithful follower know that there was a death in my family over the holiday week. If you read my post Cousins you can learn a little more about that loss our family suffered.

When flood waters come driving a vehicle can become dangerous. We've all done it. We've come up to some standing water in our car and thought if I just keep pushing the gas I can make it through. But that water could be deeper than it seems, and there is always a possibility that your vehicle may stall.

The truth is six inches of moving water can knock down a full grown adult. And 12 inches of moving water can sweep a vehicle away. That's about what it takes to fill a bathtub if you think about it. So if you are driving and come across high water follow the simple advice of the FEMA campaign Turn Around Don't Drown.

If you can't avoid the water and your vehicle is stalled. Do what makes sense get out. Remember that vehicle is heavy and it can sink. Get to the highest ground you can and remain there. Even if you are a strong swimmer flood waters are much different than swimming in a pool. Your wet clothes and shoes will make it quite a bit more difficult to swim. And the water will be cold on top of that.

Following simple steps of avoiding flooded roads can be a choice. Remember the result could be one of two things. The first if you choose to avoid the water is that you could sit around telling your friends and family about how long it took you to get home due to all of the water.

Or it  could be that your vehicle ends up looking like the van my cousin was in when he hit the flood waters.

The choice is yours. Make sure you use some caution when it comes to that high water.


  1. Stay warm, Heidi. Tea and cake recommended.

  2. Very handy information to have thank you

  3. Wow you guys have been hit with some terrible storms in the States this year. I hope you all keep safe, and really great advice reminding us of the danger of flood waters.

  4. Growing up near the ocean, I've always been taught that water can be deadly. Thank you for the reminder to everyone to stay safe in floods!

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