Friday, February 5, 2016

February 2016 Goals

Every month I put together these goals. And it has helped me to get some things accomplished. But I never can understand why the few two weeks of each month I am really excited about the goals. And then something happens. I just can't always get through all of the goals I have set for myself. So how did I do with my January goals?

So how did I do on my January goals?

My first goal was to complete a major house repair. Well, I tried to do this. I called the plumber and he came to the house and provided me with some kind of bad news. I need more money than I had to complete the repairs. Like a thousand dollars more than I had. So do I get credit for calling and scheduling the appointment and receiving the bad news? I think I do. I just have to do a little more work so I can get the repairs completed.

The second goal was to return emails promptly. Well I did well with it for like a week. Why do I do that? I can do something for a week, and then well I just loose interest.

Third goal get that project running. Life took over and I didn't get it completed, but I did make a little progress. Better something than nothing.

And the last one was to focus in on the details. I did figure out a way to get myself to focus in more. If you read What Was That Detail, you know that I decided to write out a task that I need to complete each day on my bathroom mirror. It has worked most days. There have been a couple of days when I just ignored things, but overall, I am doing more of the small little things I need to complete.

So what goals do I want to complete in February?

Save Money

I have to save money for that repair. So this month I will set aside at least $40.00 a week for that repair. I really want the kitchen sink repaired properly. It will happen!

Sell Some Junk

Yes, I need some extra cash. So it is time to get some of those extra things listed on Ebay. Let the selling begin.

Clean Up the Basement

There is a bunch of wood in my basement from one project that involved pulling out some shelves in the basement. It needed to be done, but the wood never really got out to the trash. I'm gonna work on that this month.


I started using tags on some of my posts. I want to go back and tag more of my older posts. It does help with organizing my blog. I want it to happen.

So what do you want to accomplish this month?

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