Monday, February 15, 2016

It Was Not My Fault The Computer Didn't Work

I often get blamed when things don't work around the house. For instance this week I am being blamed because the computer was not working correctly. I needed to sit on the couch, in the exact same spot the computer was sitting in. I thought for a moment before I acted. I gave my pet human the look meaning that she should move the computer. She refused to comply so I simply jumped on the computer keyboard. And then all sorts of things started happening with the computer. It was not my fault. I did give the look and my pet should have complied with my demands when I gave that look. But I have been blamed for a computer malfunction. What is a feline to do?


  1. Poor kittie, don't feel bad, my kittie gets blamed for alot of stuff too. He does the same thing to me when i'm on my computer too. Jump up onmy keyboard and close my whole computer down. But id defense, he just wants to be close ot his momma

  2. ha ha ha.. so cute..