Sunday, February 14, 2016

Just What I Needed

Have you ever noticed that there are times when things aren't quite going the way you want. You think that I just can't handle more second of the situation or I will scream. This week I had a couple of minutes like that.

This week I had a couple of angry customers to deal with. Really angry! I'm working with another customer. I'm trying to tell the customer that I will assist them when I have finished with the customer I have if they would wait. No, this won't do! They must see a supervisor now. And in walks the manager. Saved by the one manager who shows up at just the right moment! She had to deal with it.

The second minute I needed was this morning. I have been feeling like I was in a bit of a rut. Same old same old. I've been going to the same places, and doing the same places. You know it's hard to stay creative when there is absolutely nothing new in your life. When there is no spark, there is no creative fire. The minute I needed when I met with some new friends today. Some friends who share my interest in geekery. The time spent talking with them was what I needed to start thinking about some new things. Ideas started to flow. And it was the second time this week that just what I needed came along at just the right moment.


  1. I need something to get me out of my rut, too! I think winter is bringing me down more than usual. I'm ready for spring -- that would be energizing!

  2. I would like to say that I am never a difficult customer but I bet I have been at some time, I do try to be calm and accept that the person dealing with me is not the one at fault they are just doing there job the best they can