Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Minute DIY Valentine Conversation Hearts

If you're like me Valentine's Day has sneaked up on you. There were things that I thought I was going to put together that just didn't happen. I have really good intentions, but sometimes things just don't happen the way I plan them. And I have that I have to put something together for Valentine's Day crisis. Here's a super easy last min DIY Valentine craft. And you probably have everything around your house already.

Here's What You Need

pastel paints
X-acto knife
red sharpie or paint pen
modge podge
paint brushes

Here's What You Do

Take your cardboard and draw hearts on it. Cut the hearts out with your X-acto knife. Grab the paint and paint each heart a different color. Next take your pen and print the Conversational Heart phrases on the hearts. Coat them with modge podge. And you now you have a super easy valentine that cost. And it took very little time.

Need Another Super Easy DIY Project?


  1. Lovely idea, so cute!

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  2. That is a cute and easy project for the kids. Thanks for sharing.