Monday, February 22, 2016

Mission Impossible So Why Bother

Have you ever been presented with a problem in life that seems a little overwhelming? And when those situations come up have you ever thought to yourself why do I bother? It feels like you have been presented with Mission Impossible.

Do you remember the intro to Mission Impossible? Your mission should you choose to accept...

That statement has always stood out in my mind. It uses the word choose. You see how we respond to an impossible situation is our choice.

One of those situations recently came about in my life. They told me the job I currently have will be eliminated as well as four other jobs in my department. My faithful followers already know this. We all still are employed we just don't know which department we all will wind up in.

The mission for me was how do you continue to do your job to the best of your ability when you know it won't exist in the future. I decided in order to do that I needed to stay positive. It isn't always easy when others are venting their anger about the situation. But I do have to remind myself that there others who aren't as fortunate as I am. There are individuals who are presented with the mission impossible of loosing their job in their department as well as loosing their job with the company. I have to remind myself when other individuals are complaining.

So why bother with maintaining a good attitude? While there are times when it might be easier to join in with the complainers, overall, I'm in a better mood than they are. It's a lot of work to be upset all the time. So I am saving myself a lot energy that would be put into voicing my complaints. That doesn't mean that I don't say that I would rather stay in the job I have. It just means that I've decided to think maybe there is a better opportunity out there.

So do you choose to accept the mission impossibles in your life?

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