Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Marvels

It's Monday morning, and well I am once again dreaming of all those items I would purchase should I ever experience that state in my life called economic bounty. Recently, it doesn't feel like it is going to happen, but what's going on is only temporary. So here are the things I would be today if I had an unlimited supply of cash.

Yeah, it's geek chic. What geek girl doesn't need an alpacacorn sweatshirt?

Just because I've had a few moments in the past couple of weeks when disgust is all I felt. A Disgust figure from the movie Inside Out would be really appropriate.

 I would love to have this collection of Geo Herriman's classic comic strips from 1934. 

And who doesn't need a pink leopard print dress?
And of course a pair of cute little earrings. You know something springy.

So would any of these make it to your shopping lists?


  1. My daughter and grandsons yes both grandsons like those bubble head type things me not so much I am into stuffed toys

  2. I love the Alpacacorn shirt! And those Little Birdy Earrings?! So CUTE!