Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Shopping List

Oh, yes, it is time to take one of those fantasy shopping trips. What would I buy with infinite funds today. I know you all want to know.

The lipstick just reminds me of a pot of gold which is perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

Jessica Louise always seems to put out some of the funnest clothes. They are quirky, they are cute, and they are definitely not something you see at the mall. I love the pink, ruffle and the pattern in this blouse. It's a must have.

I'm a clutter bug. So if I have a lot of table space it gets all cluttered. This would give me limited space to stack things on, and well it's so cute. I love that this is made from recycled materials. It's actually paper mache.

I love bento boxes and this is everything that you need to start out with. Imagine all the hours of fun.

And lastly a stuff Elmo because Elmo always makes everyone a smile doesn't he?

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  1. I am not sure if I like the gold lipstick or not. It is different. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting choices! My wife and daughter would both love having these! Thanks for the insight!