Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mukhabarat Baby

We all believe that the life of a CIA agent is all glamour and travel. But the truth is not so wonderful.

The Story

Eric Burkhart is a retired CIA officer. He worked for the agency for many years, and in this book he shares his story of what it is really like to work for the there. He tells his story from how he wound up working for the agency. And then he moves through career both stateside and abroad. He tells about the mundane routine of some days. And the excitement of others. His story provides a more human face to a somewhat mysterious agency.

What I Learned

This book is a memoir of Burkhart's life at the CIA. While part of me knew there really probably is no romance in working for a large government agency. But I didn't realize just how many employees at the agency really don't work in the field. He claims that like 90% of the employees work in an office. I don't know, but that seems like a lot. I didn't know that many of the agents are required to work at the border screening individuals as they come in the country. I would imagine that can be quite trying at times. And he points out some of the positive things that agents do at the border. 

What I Liked

I really liked that the author pointed out that the individuals who work for the CIA are individuals. Each one of them is unique. He points out the good and the bad about working for such a large organization. And I really enjoyed the story he told about a person who took a parking space for individuals with medical needs. We've all encountered co-workers like the one he describes. 

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone who wants to know what it is really like to be a secret agent. In our heads most individuals know that it isn't like the movies. But Burkhart tells about the exciting moments, and the routine. And let's face it most of the job is routine. But this is also a good book for anyone who is going to work for a large corporation. I've worked for a couple of large companies. And it is the same at all of them. The key to a good experience is decide what is in your control and what isn't. And do the job you are assigned. 


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and the opinions are all mine.

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  1. Thanks for the review! This sounds like a book I would LOVE! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures