Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Yard Clean Up

Oh, yes spring is just around the corner. And the weather is up and down if you live in the Midwest. And well there are some things that need to be done in the yard before things start growing. Starting on those warmer winter days can make the spring gardening much easier.

As you can see my yard has suffered from a little neglect over the past few years. I worked really hard to clear leaves out last fall. But I have this huge oak tree in the yard. But oak trees like to hang on to their leaves and so there are still a few of them around the yard. I love that tree, but I just wish it would shed all of its leaves early in the fall so I could take of it
So the first thing is to start gather up all of those leaves that hung around through the winter. And then gather up those twigs and branches that have fallen. 

If you can use some of those leaves for compost. I have more than enough so they need to be sent to the great place where all unwanted leaves go. 

As you can see the dancing chicken has been put to work raking leaves or just entertaining me while I work in the yard.

Sometimes I wonder if that tree will still be standing with all of the branches it has lost. I also need to start fixing some of the borders for the plants. Yes over the years they have been knocked out of place. But I'm not quite at the point where I can fix those yet. 

While I was out cleaning up the yard, I noticed that some of the bulbs had to started to come up. There were some that have come closer to the surface than they should so I added some compost to cover the bulbs and roots that were showing.

So have any of you been struck by gardening fever and started their spring yard clean up yet?


  1. sigh. every time i go outside i think to myself that i should do that, and i havent yet. i really do need to. sounds like you did some major adulting!

  2. Thanks for your visit. I should get out and clean up our yard and sow skome grass where the lawn died last summer. I don't have a chicken to help, though.